Shop for Handbags Like You Shop for Shoes

Shop for Handbags Like You Shop for Shoes

Shoes usually have to satisfy 9 basic criteria before you buy them:

1. Size (we all agree that a shoe has to fit)

2. Style (heels? flats? platforms? boots? sandals?)

3. Material (do I wear leather or am I vegan?)

4. Comfort (suffering for a “look” is not a good idea)

5. Color (does it go with my outfits?)

6. Purpose (for every day? work? the gym? a fancy affair? the beach?)

7. Lifestyle (do I walk a lot? drive everywhere? ride public transportation?)

8. Brand (am I willing to pay more for the label?)

9. Price (there’s usually a limit … unless you’re a Kardsashian)

So, how do these same principles apply to Handbags?

1. Size (a clutch won’t do if you have to carry a laptop)

2. Style (tote, bucket bag, clutch, crossbody, backpack)

3. Material (same as shoes … but also add the “weight” factor. You don’t want to lug around an intrinsically heavy bag)

4. Comfort (find a bag that’s comfortable and won’t cause neck, arm or back pain, because … well … “comfort rules!”)

5. Color (are you a “basic black” bag person or do you match bags to shoes or outfits)

6. Purpose (work? shopping? fancy affair? the beach? travel?)

7. Lifestyle (do you shop a lot? have small kids? need hands free? drive? walk?)

8. Brand (unless you’re flaunting Louboutin red soles, the shoe brand isn’t always identifiable, but part of a bag’s lure is the designer logo)

9. Price (ignore this if your last name is Kardashian)

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