Table for Three: You, Me and My Handbag

Table for Three: You, Me and My Handbag

Picture it: A packed restaurant at lunchtime in the city. Once again, you’re faced with the age-old dilemma of where to put your bag.

If you’re lucky, there’s a free booth. I always make a beeline for a booth by the wall (my favorite seating option), because I can just plop my bag down next to me.

But what if there is no booth?

Well, you basically have 5 options available to you:

1. Hang it on your chair (never ever!)

2. Next to you, on the floor (ugh!)

3. Hanging on your knee (not practical)

4. On your lap (not comfortable)

5. Table-edge purse hooks (oops, forgot to bring one)

Actually, none of these options is ideal. But hanging your bag on the back of your chair may be the worst idea of all (been there, done that). Unless you are in very secure surroundings, and have the back of your chair to a wall, you may as well hang a sign on it that says “Steal me!” chair back

Another bad move is putting your bag on the floor. According to a Chinese proverb (and an old wives tale), putting your bag on the floor will bring you bad luck. Whether there’s any truth to that or not, common sense alone dictates that putting your purse on the floor is not the best idea. Things can spill on it, people can step on it or trip over it, it can be stolen, and, at best, it’s exposed to stains, dirt, and all kinds of nasty germs. floor

Keeping your purse on your lap or hanging from your knee may be safer, but it’s uncomfortable and annoying, and you’re still exposing it to food stains. bag on knee

Table-hooks are sometimes problematic, space-wise, and they don’t protect you bag from soiling. (and they are just something else you have to carry in your already heavy purse).

Seems that no matter what you do, your purse – your most useful accessory in any other situation – is a major inconvenience at a restaurants.

crossbodyThere is one bag style that’s ideal for restaurants: a small cross-body bag which you can just keep on you while you eat. Find one that’s big enough to carry your small essentials, and maybe take one with you in your large bag (which you can leave in the office). It’s not likely to be stolen, and less likely to be stained. And you’ve got everything you need on you.

How do you manage the bag-restaurant dilemma? Please share your thoughts with us.

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