Winter is Coming! 
Tips on How to “Winterize” your Bag

Tips on How to “Winterize” your Bag

… and a few hints to help keep yourself winterized as well!

Winter is coming! And even more frightening than the deadly White Walkers are nature’s relentless elements that can turn a beautiful leather bag into a water-stained, weather-beaten, pathetic old sack.

Are there ways to protect your precious bags? Of course there are!


waterproofSome leathers are susceptible to water damage, while others are not affected at all.  It’s always a good idea to ask the seller if your bag would benefit from water-proofing.  For “open leather” bags, which absorb water, water-proofing is your first and best defense against the elements.

Waterproofing, however, isn’t fool-proof,  and the process has to be repeated if waterproofing wears off. The process may also slightly alter the color of the leather.



showersWhen going out in rain or snow, use an umbrella that’s big enough to provide protection for you and your bag.

And now … How to make your winter a little warmer … and dryer:

While we all carry around a variety of basic staples that we never leave the house without, here are five little winter life-savers that you might want to throw into your bag:

1. A packet of instant hot chocolate, individual coffee packet, tea bag, or soup mix

2. A small thermos with hot water

3. An extra pair of warm socks (just in case the ones you are wearing get wet)

4. Three small plastic bags (2 to put over your new dry socks and keep them dry inside your wet shoes, and one bag for your wet socks).

poncho5. A hooded plastic raincoat or poncho (get them in any Dollar store). You may end up looking like a dork, but you’ll be a dry dork. BTW, you can wear these over your bags as well.

Hope these hints help make winter a little less traumatic for you and your bag. Stay dry, stay safe, and take care of your bag.

You’re welcome.

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