Walk This Way

Walk this way

How many of us are aware of the fact that there is a right and a wrong way to walk? Ask any physiotherapist. Some of us instinctively walk correctly, but many of us are doing it all wrong.

A good backpack can actually promote good walking habits. With the straps evenly distributing the bag’s weight on both shoulders, a backpack prevents that lopsided shoulder-lift you often get with a tote or shoulder bag … or the neck pain from extended use of a heavy cross-body bag that places all the weight on one shoulder.

walk this way

Do it right:

• Stand straight, face forward, and make sure you’re not tilting your head to one side.

• Point chin down and tuck it in slightly to prevent neck pain.

• Relax your shoulders, but don’t slump. Keep shoulders back and down.

• Let your arms swing freely in step with the opposite leg. (Right arm swings forward when left foot steps forward, and vice versa.) And try to take steps of equal length.

• Keep toes pointed forward. The heel of your foot should touch the ground first, then, rolling forward on the balls of your feet, push off with your toes. This can’t be done with high heels … but that’s for another blog.

• Adjust your backpack’s shoulder straps so that weight is distributed evenly across your shoulders, and your bag is at a height that feels comfortable. You’re good to go!

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