Bags that Work for You

Are you the type of woman who won’t compromise until you find that one ‘perfect’ bag? The one that not only looks great, but also has those essential features that make you feel it was designed exclusively for you?

Over the years, I have invested in countless bags that more or less suited the ‘need of the day,’ only to give them away by the end of the day because they either didn’t deliver enough functionality or enough chic.

Then, a few years ago, I had that proverbial “Aha!” moment. I understood that if I wanted a bag that would look great for everyday and travel (I travel a lot), I’d simply have to design one myself. Of course, it would be a backpack … my favorite type of bag.


My design inspiration was actually more of a challenge: I was intent on combining the chic trendiness of couture bags with the “ready for anything” efficiency of trekker backpacks. While I wanted the stylishness of the first, I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the functionality of the latter.

Within one year, I began producing other silhouettes – bucket bags, shoulder bags, totes, and clutches – all designed according to my perception of what a good bag should be: one that doesn’t sacrifice functionality for the ‘look,’ or vice versa. To my way of thinking, a bag that only looks good is only half good.

The Beauty of Social Responsibility

Erica Harel bags and accessories are masterfully hand-crafted in Jaffa, Tel Aviv by an amazing team of talented craftspeople – Jews, Moslems, and Christians – who combine their artistry to create beautiful products in an environment of mutual respect.

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