Celebs with Erica Harel Bags

debra messing erica harel backpack

Debra Messing

“Your backpack is the most INGENIOUSLY designed backpack I’ve ever seen. It carries EVERYTHING! Comfortably! More!!" #yourfan

taylor-ann hasselhoff

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff

Hangin' out with her Erica Harel turquoise Downtown backpack.

Alisha Marks Erica Harel bag

Alisha Marks

Actress, Director, Writer, Producer Alisha Marks with her Erica Harel clutch at the Cannes Film Festival

taylor-ann hasselhoff

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff

On the set of "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills with her Erica Harel black patent clutch

Celebs & Reviews

Demetria Kalodimos

Nashville, Tennessee WSMV-TV news anchor woman, Demetria Kalodimos, with her black Downtown backpack

Reviews from around the world

New York City’s "Downtown Magazine" cited the Downtown Backpack among the Top 10 Fashionable Backpacks for NY women on the go.
silver backpack
Downtown Magazine
“I’ll be surprised if you don’t sell a million of these. Best bag I ever had.”
brown leather backpack erica harel
“Thank you very much Erica. After a long, long search I have finally found the perfect Backpack–Soft, perfect size, perfect craftsmanship and good looking. I certainly understand why you are one of the designers to watch.”
black yellow leather backpack
"OMG, Erica Harel rocks. This is my second backpack purchase. The quality is AMAZING. The leather is super SOFT. The design is INCREDIBLE. The pockets inside are ENDLESS. What a wonderful brand — True craftsmanship. Thank you.”
erica harel pink backpack
New York
"Best. Bag. Ever. I don't write product reviews often (at all), but I felt compelled to do so in this case. This bag is perfect. The leather is supple. The size is goldilocks. The pocket design is so very smart. I'm definitely buying a second one!"
soft silver leather backpack
New York City
“Never in my wildest imagination did I think this backpack could be so awesome!!!! The leather is a Gorgeous color. … has tons of pockets … lighter than I thought it would be.”
burgundy leather backpack erica harel
New York
“If you are looking for a backpack that is big enough, but not too big, has plenty of pockets for all your bits and pieces and looks great, this is the one for you.“
soft metallic brown leather backpack
“Until you are lucky enough to own one of these backpacks you don’t know what luxury is. Leather like silk, totally lined, no detail overlooked.”
soft orange leather backpack
“Oh Erica! You are killing me. I could become addicted to your bags!”
tan stingray leather backpack
“Fantastische Aufteilung und Verarbeitung! Sehr durchdacht, auch Innen bieten sich viele Möglichkeiten, den Inhalt zu verstauen.”
pearl leather backpack erica harel
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