Take Your Comfort Zone With You

Take Your Comfort Zone With You Wherever You Go

Just as you’d prefer your shoes to be comfortable (without sacrificing style, of course), you should also expect no less from your bags. In fact, they should be the means by which you take your “comfort zone” with us when you leave the house.

The bag you carry should not only look great, it should also feel right for you.red-dt-tal

Although we’ll always be tempted to buy pretty little things, it’s our every day bag we should be investing in the most. And not just money-wise.

Invest thought into what you really want from a bag. What is your average day like? Your bag should complement your lifestyle. It should serve you … and not the other way around.

So, before you buy your next everyday bag, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it a silhouette I feel comfortable with? Does it suit my style? Am I willing to try something different?

2. Does this type of bag suit my lifestyle? Do I drive, use the subway, walk a lot, ride a bike? tamibike-smaller

3. Do I travel a lot and need a reliable bag wherever I go?keys-passport

4. Does it have the features (pockets and compartments) to accommodate all the stuff I need and have to access easily throughout the day?tutorial

5. Is it a bag that can transition from work to play and still look relevant?girls:cafe:lo-res

And a final word of advice: You get what you pay for. Always choose a bag that’s well-made and it will stand the test of time – both in functionality and in fashion.

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